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Well! Here is what has basically happened lately:
  • Got two root canals two days after my last post and was fucking terrified immediately before the procedure. Got teary when the endodontist started trying to alleviate my fears by explaining what he was going to do. Of course, I got interested in the procedure halfway into it when I had (more or less) acclimated. I did have a fucky tooth (my most problematic one, which has hairline cracks and could also potentially break entirely in the next 5 years which is GREAT) with an extra root that criss-crossed another and that just WOULD NOT GO NUMB no matter how many shots he gave me. Ow. But all in all the most difficult part was keeping my mouth open for 2 hours. There's no pain in those two teeth anymore, so hooray! I need to go back for two more appointments (to get fitted for my crowns and then for their actual application), but then the aggravation is done and over with, at least until next year. I actually used the extent of my annual dental coverage on this and had to pay part of it out of pocket. Next year I'll have to get a few more fillings done on the left side of my mouth and possssssibly another root canal? Maybe I'm just being paranoid about my upper right tooth, which is still feeling sensitive even a month after the filling. BLARGH, BORING DOMESTIC STUFF. MOVING ON.
  • I started my new position two weeks ago! So far it's been great! Lots of paperwork but I'm not minding that because it's something new, which is nice after... 7-8 years of basically doing the same thing. I finally moved into my office this Tuesday (my first office ever!!!) and that's also a trip. More on this eventually because it makes me SUPER EXCITED.
  • Considering stopping therapy, but I wanted to wait a month into my new job (and after another cycle. Ladies, you know what I mean) before making the call. Uhhhh so far I'm looking to gain over $200/month back into my life in a few weeks. Things are kind of great right now. So... yay!
  • The Sheepman and I have been watching a bunch of movies lately. Like, in theaters! Okay, more like two, but it was two in as many weeks and would've happened last week were it not for ill-timed headaches on his end. We are going to see Godzilla tonight (I hope) and I am so freaking excited I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED I USED TO LOVE GODZILLA SO MUCH WHEN I WAS A KID GRAAAHH
  • I've been watching a bunch of stuff, period. I burned through the last half of Orange is the New Black and am in Season 2 of Breaking Bad and also HORROR MOVIES (though these have dropped off since we started hitting the theater more) and oh yeah also Green Lantern? Which I was expecting more out of, honestly? But it's still enjoyable and Aya is my girl and Razer is hilarious and Saint Walker is, oh. Saint Walker!
  • I've also been downloading a shit ton of apps lately. Well, a shit ton for me, comparatively. I got QuizUp! because I saw my lil sis had downloaded it but then never opened it up because I'm going through this thing of "AM I JUST MAKING SOME LAME ATTEMPT TO BE COOL LIKE 'THE KIDS' AND CONNECT WITH THEM IN SOME WAY, OH GOD THAT'S LAME." But whatever. I also got Unicorn Evolution Party (just... check it out) and Now Do This and Don't Tap the White Tile and nearly all of Mobigrow's Can You Escape series (ooh, there's one I missed!) and the original Don't step the white tile game from Japan. Unicorn Evolution Party and Don't Tap the White Tile are probably my favorites.
  • Signed up for the Starbucks Star Dash and I'm already behind. I was reminded of this because I feel really caffeinated right now and it's really showing in this post.
  • I bought a Gilt deal for Blue Apron in an effort to get back in the kitchen and cook more. Both The Sheepman and I have been bad about doing this lately, and I rarely cook as it is despite my love of cooking shows and eating. Now that it's summer I'm going to be baking even less than usual, too - the apartment just gets too hot. We've already stopped turning the TV on since it generates so much heat at night. (Thank God for tablets, Netflix, and Hulu.) Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yeah, Blue Apron. I've been meaning to try one of these meal ingredients delivery services lately ever since I heard about HelloFresh last year. The biggest timesuck for me in the kitchen tends to be the prep - or at least, I think it is - so I wanted to give one of these a shot and see if it makes a difference.
  • I really need to go sign up for Yoga classes at the shoddy little gym near work or else I'm going to lose my Groupon. WHY DO I KEEP BUYING THESE THINGS, I NEVER LEARN.
  • I'm so excited about the San Antonio Spurs' progress in the finals but have no interest in posting about it on Facebook because then that'll just invite a bunch of passive aggressive posts on my feed from people who don't care about sports posting about how much they don't care about sports. Hey! Fuck you, asshole! I don't care about whatever shitty anime, youtube vid, or inspiring blog post you just shared, but I also don't make assy posts about the shitty things you like that I don't. Somehow, I'm able to move on with my life without making my dislikes of shit you like a part of my identity! And if you're so insecure about not liking sports that you have to make a public post about just how much you don't like sports, then maybe you need to grow the fuck up. (Sorry. I made ONE POST about the Spurs last year and almost instantly afterwards I saw shit like that popping up on my feed. Immediately soured my desire to share anything else on that site, because then I get subjected to a bunch of people patting themselves on the back for having superior tastes. This is one of many reasons why I'm not on FB as often anymore - everybody acts like they're in fucking high school.)
  • I participated in our company's community service day yesterday. Usually I just drop by whatever event they've set up onsite (usually drawing cards or putting care packages together for soldiers), but this time I signed up for an event at an nearby elementary school. I mostly helped out in the garden, which is what I was hoping to do. There was also mural painting and bench building; I was really interested in the latter. Like, they were building benches from scratch with a circular saw and wood beams. I'd love to be able to do that someday. SOMEDAY. Although that's less important to me than plants and gardening. The unfortunate downside of yesterday was spending all that time out in the heat left me with a KILLER headache that's lasted into today. I'm popping ibuprofen because no headache is going to keep me from Godzilla, damn it.
  • I'm one month away from purchasing this desk. I worked out a savings plan about a year ago working towards this desk - I could've bought it at the time, but I wanted to set it up this way instead so I get used to saving for big items rather than just going out and buying them. I'm super excited that I'm THIS CLOSE to it now. (I have another savings plan for a trip to Japan with my brother in another year. I like setting things up this way; it really amps up the level of excitement for me.)
Jesus, that was long. Sorry. I've been thinking about the sorts of things I want to post about these days, and it occurred to me that I still want to keep this space mostly personal and about my dumb boring life that I love (most of the time). That was how all these things started, anyway. Everything else these days is so geared towards quips and smartassery and being self-important twits, which is kind of an inevitability when it comes to micro-blogging and how it's evolved since Twitter was first introduced. I know I sound like the old person waving my "Get off my lawn" stick around, but it's more about me not wanting to make posts in that vein. I mean, I already have a FB to do that on. That's more than enough for me.
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