Jun. 1st, 2014 10:22 pm
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We may have just adopted a Husky puppy. Um, wait. No. Definitely. I mean, we bought a crate and a gate and a bowl and everything. I can see him sleeping by the front screen door right now.

Long story short, a friend of ours found him about a week ago and with no owner coming forth to claim him (which is very weird, since he's a purebred...), she asked us if we were interested. We met him and his foster family yesterday; they brought him over today.

And after something like two and a half straight hours of trying to wear him out, he's asleep. Thank Jesus. (The Sheepman and I had been talking about Huskies for a least a year now knowing full well how much activity they will need, and spent most of the weekend figuring out how to puppy proof the house. Mark my words, we did not enter into this situation lightly.)

In other news, I had my last therapy session (for now) two Mondays ago, and someone else at work is leaving, meaning things are crazy busy. Also, there is a baby animal in the house. (Kuma is having a bit of a difficult time with this.)

Fingers crossed that it all works out for the best. I'll elaborate on details of everything later. But right now, the baby's done for the night, and I could really use the sleep.
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Well! Here is what has basically happened lately: )Jesus, that was long. Sorry. I've been thinking about the sorts of things I want to post about these days, and it occurred to me that I still want to keep this space mostly personal and about my dumb boring life that I love (most of the time). That was how all these things started, anyway. Everything else these days is so geared towards quips and smartassery and being self-important twits, which is kind of an inevitability when it comes to micro-blogging and how it's evolved since Twitter was first introduced. I know I sound like the old person waving my "Get off my lawn" stick around, but it's more about me not wanting to make posts in that vein. I mean, I already have a FB to do that on. That's more than enough for me.
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It doesn't really count as hooky if I'm legitimately sick, though.

I came down with some weird cough thing that left me wiped out but not debilitated and stayed home Wednesday and today. I was concerned I was getting flu symptoms (which are wholly unacceptable, given the flu shot I went out of my way to take on my birthday) given how ache-y I felt, but I'm pretty confident it's not that. It's just some other random sickness I either picked up from the walking germ-farms at work. Or at Starbucks. Or at the pizza place I went to with my co-workers on Tuesday. Fuck all you sick people, man. I always forget how wonderful it is to not feel like utter shit. At the same time, I rarely get sick as it is. I had one unused sick day last year, gone forever. Oh well. Going to work is hardly a chore, which factored in my decision to not go today - nowadays I rarely wake up thinking "NooooOOOOOO why do I have to work today," so as soon as I did that this AM I decided "Welp guess that's not happening." After a few more hours lazing about I feel much better, although I'm still coughing and only seem to be good for short bursts of activity.

I did make it out to the Premiere Party for our show. Honestly, I almost didn't go, because of the whole still-recovering-from-sickness thing and because I just did not feel like being social. I'm pretty happy with being an introvert and not feeling shitty about it; this is a new thing for me. I stayed long enough for the speeches, was seen by enough people (from a networking standpoint this is generally a good thing), and had a legitimate excuse for leaving (sick, wiped out, tired, etc.).

Wrt the networking thing, when I have those internal "arguments" with myself ("You should go," "BLEH I DON'T WANNA"), if it's a work-related function I usually try to fall on the former's side. I'm not as familiar with the faces at work anymore given that so many have left and I haven't been working in the company building with the most traffic for quite a few years now. So I look at it as an opportunity to figure out who the new people are and, more importantly, make sure the folks I do recognize see me. Of course, there are some days where it's more bullshit than I want to deal with. Although that generally isn't a huge problem in this industry for me.

I thought about bitching about Tumblr and Facebook "activism" for awhile, but I already did that with The Sheepman this morning, so maybe I'll save that for another time. Right now I'm looking forward to reading a little and maybe watching a horror movie. Oh, shit. Guess that means I should update my Master Crap List. Or start it for 2014. BAH, WHATEVER.


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